This is not the usual decoration work in progress or decorate your brand 
with Christmas imagery, the goal of our communication was declining 
and contextualize our brand equity 
in the warm and magical atmosphere of Christmas.
Red crystals that levitate upwards, the movement of the set camera shots
based on details, facial expressions, esotericism transmitted by eye,
an environment a bit gloomy and mystical Kingdom to a contamination 
of 3d Animation and motion graphics 
visible from the eects of calligraphic composition and text composition 
based on appearance of words with letters in sequence.
Ideal elements to complete our project.
good read!

W I R E F R A M E   O F   C R Y S T A L S 

R E N D E R   O F   M A T E R I A L S

F I N A L   M O T I O N

thanks for your time!

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